Operator: Mike DL1HCM

The 9H3OA log is here.

QSL Information for this activity is DL1HCM.


QSL card

This was a holiday trip outside the contest season.
Many thanks to Markus DL3NCI who gave me his small IC725 for this operation.
I operated with a minimum of equipment:

10-40m: GPA 404
80m: Monoband Dipole

Antenna installation.
The QTH did not provided the space we always want to have.

This is the simple construction I used for two weeks.
The 80m dipole (Inv-V) is not visible.
Mike DL1HCM operating
The small station.

Finally around 2000 QSOs are in the log.
QSOs vs. band statistics: 

Mode Totals 80 40 20 15 10
CW 2047 48 1081 73 783 62
SSB 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total 2047 48 1081 73 783 62

Thank you to all stations who called me.

The 9H3OA log is here.


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