CQWW DX Contest CW 2003 M/2

Operators: Mike DL1HCM, Heye DJ9RR

Many thanks to our host Andy, 9Y4ZC

The 9Y4ZC log is here.

QSL Information for this activity
The QSL information for this activity is via DL1HCM.
The QSOs are already confirmed and the QSLs are out via the buro.
The QSL route via the buro is preferred.


9Y4ZC plaque

QSL card

BCC plaque

Impressions from Tobago Island.

beach view

We rented a jeep to explore the island after the contest. 
The QSL card motive was made during one of these tours.

bay view

another bay view

Bay in the north

Another bay in the north


not the shack

This was not our shack ...


9Y license9Y license This is my looooong 9Y license.

Outside the contest the call 9Y4/DL1HCM was used.
For the contest we made an M/2 entry using the call sign 9Y4ZC.

Preparing station setup

Preparing the station equipment in
Heye's shack.
We have tested the complete station setup 
(2 radios, 2 Laptops, network) before.

The small box on the left is our band control unit to avoid damage to the radios when both radios are switched to the same band.

Band Control Unit


Andy's bungalow is the upper building.
Tobago as 3 pointer country 
is fantastic for the CQWW.

The main tower with the 2 ele 40m beam on top and 9 ele high band beam below.
40m run fantastic into all directions. 

main tower

main tower bottom up

Another view of the main tower.

View up along the Titanex vertical.
This antenna was used for 80m and 160m
as well as 30m outside the contest.

The EUs came in very weak but workable.

Titanex vertical

9Y4ZC Station setup

The station setup.
On the left is the station with the K2.
On the right is the station with the FT990.

Heye DJ9RR operating.

DJ9RR operating

DL1HCM operating

Mike DL1HCM operating.

New antenna design?
After some years this design will give
you the nearly invisible antenna.

We have not used this thing during our activity.

another antenna? - not used during the contest

Carib can

This is the Tobago style pile up amplifier ...
also useable on other Caribbean islands.

Operating M/2 with only two operator is very close to SOAB.

The multi situation could be better but there was always a zoo around many multies 
(e. g. TO4E) and I would not wait.
Some multies from zone 8 were more difficult to work on the high bands than expected.
We have not heard any station from zone 22 and 24.
DA0BCC is on all bands except 160m in the log.

During the night from Saturday to Sunday a storm came over the island which damages the 40m beam.
So we have worked the second day without 40m.

The high bands provided fantastic conditions. 10m was open almost the whole day.
It was like a QSO machine.

But the low bands 80m and 160m were unexpected difficult. The EUs were so weak I have never heard before.

The final highlight was A35RK on 15m who entered the log two minutes before the end.

Each OP slept about 6 hours so the station was operated for 12 hours by one OP.


Call: 9Y4ZC Country: Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Mode: CW Category: Multi 2


160 121 11 19 10,140
80 574 21 72 154,008
40 1217 28 100 453,504
20 1532 35 106 633,513
15 1821 35 113 789,580
10 1625 32 105 645,544
Totals 6890 162 515 13,592,129

Station 0: FT990 with Alpha 91
Station 1: K2/100
Antennas: 2 ele 40m, Optibeam, 3 ele 10.15-20m (A3S), Titanex V80E

Logging: N1MM Version 3.0.112

Outside the contest we made some QSOs with the call sign 9Y4/DL1HCM:

Mode Totals 160 80 40 30 20 17 15 12 10
CW 2325 13 281 227 587 277 146 327 163 304
SSB 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0
Total 2326 13 281 227 587 278 146 327 163 304

The only one SSB QSO was with Andy.

We had great fun. Thank you to all stations who called us.

The 9Y4ZC log is here.


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