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I am Mike and I live in north Germany
in the city of Lubeck.

Lubeck is situated close to the Baltic Sea.


In the late seventies I was trained in high speed CW during my military service time.
My trainers (I consumated 4 of them) had no relationship to amateur radio.
But in 1981 I had first contact to hams. Later I made my first CW QSOs during the nights
in the "under earth shack" of DK2SZ.

Since 1982 I am on the air with the call sign DL1HCM.

My grandmother made me a great present when I received my license:
the first rig which was a used Yaesu FT 101Z.
This was her congratulation to my new license. 
I was a student that time so I was very happy to be able to operate from home with my own radio.
In 1989 I upgraded this rig with the COUNTER 101

Until today I do not lost my love to CW. When I am on the bands I operate in CW
but also made some ten SSB QSOs during the last years.
My main activity is in the traditional bands 160m - 10m.
I do not operate above 10m.
My personal favorites are the fast bands 20m and 15m.

I do not collect awards. I just prefer operating.
My logbook software tell me that today I have worked 297 DXCC countries from home.
280 of these countries are confirmed. 
You will find some QSLs with QSO details here.

And until today I have worked 1852 US counties (that is what DX4WIN tells me).
I do not follow the US counties any longer. I intend do that when I am going to retire ...

But there are two exceptions:
In 2003 the BCC celebrated their 20th anniversary.
I have worked and received the WABCC award #92, the first award I have applied for. 


And there is another funny thing: the BLANC DXCC
The idea was born in 1988 or so during our LX activities with the BCC.
This is not a real existing award but another fun within Amateur Radio.
The BLANC DXCC covers the collection of blanc QSL cards.
Whenever I receive a new QSL card during eyeball QSOs I add it to the collection.
I have put some of them into the web sites here.

Another main interest around amateur radio is DXing and contesting throughout our globe. 
Today I look back to these activities abroad from all continents.
My station equipment for traveling is optimized for this interest.


The FT2000D in my shack at home.

PA 811

Stepp IR Controller


Network Switching





The antenna on the left was my 80/160m antenna, which is broken during the storm in January 2005.

Now I use a SteppIR BigIR III.

The new SteppIR BigIR III in October 2008.

This is the 80m coil of the new SteppIR BigIR III.

This radials are connected to a copper plate.
When I make this photo not all radials are connected.

Another view to the feedpoint.
I made a concrete to hold the antenna in place.

View up into the sky ...



I am a member of these clubs:

BCC Logo

Bavarian Contest Club (BCC)


Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC)


HSC Logo

Radio Telegraphy High Speed Club (HSC) #1517


LZ CW Club (LZ CWC) #67

CU on the bands.

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