CQWW DX Contest CW 1988 M/M

This was a tremendous Multi/ Multi activity of the BCC.

QSL Information for this activity is DL7MAE

This is the LX8A QSL card:

This was really an activity covering high effort in material and  personnel.
Martin DL4NAC was the organizer and he did a real great job. Thank you Martin.

Go through the following pictures to discover LX8A:

Preparing the Multi/Multi Station Setup

This is the truck we used to transport the material to LX.
It was also helpful to erect the towers.

LX8A truck

DL6RAI at the 10m array

Ben DL6RAI inspects the 6x6 10m array

Bernhard DF7RX working on the tower for the 6x6 10m array.

DF7RX tower work

LX8A shack

Preparations in the shack.
The shack was a big room and the stations 
were positioned in an "U" form.

As soon as a station was ready we always find an 
operator to start operating.

Outside the contest the individuals
used call signs like LX/call.

LX8A shack

LX8A antenna field

A view to the antenna farm of the main QTH.

from left to right:
6x6 ele 10m Yagi
4 ele 20m Yagi
2 ele 40m Yagi
3 ele 15m Yagi

Another view to the antenna farm of the main QTH.

from left to right:
6x6ele  10m Yagi
2 ele 40m Yagi
3 ele 15m Yagi
4 ele 20m Yagi

LX8A antenna field


This is a view to the second QTH.
This QTH was used for multiplier searching.
The distance between these two QTH was about 20 km.

The connection to the main QTH
was made by using voice links on 2m and 70 cm

View from the main entrance of the main QTH
with the antennas around the buildings.


pyramidal antenna for 160m

This is the pyramidal antenna for 160m.
The tower is almost 30m high.
We pulled it up with the truck.

3 ele 15m Yagi at the main QTH. 

3 ele 15m Yagi

2 ele 40m Yagi

2 ele 40m Yagi at the main QTH. 

4 ele 20m Yagi at the main QTH. 

4 ele 20m Yagi

Preparing the radios

Preparing the radios.
 Mike DL1HCM, Win DK9IP
and Ben DL6FBL (soldering).

Another crew working with the radios.

Radio work

Shack is ready

Is the shack is ready to go?

The antenna field at the main QTH:
approx. 30m high tower with pyramidal antenna for 160m
full size vertical and dipole for 80m
2 ele Yagi @ 18m and dipole for 40m
4 ele YAGI @ 18m and 3 ele Yagi @ 18m for 20m
5 ele YAGI @ 18m and 3 ele Yagi @ 18m for 15m
6 ele over 6 ele Yagi @18m / 12m and 3 ele Yagi @ 12m for 10m

The antenna field at the second QTH:
Butternut vertical for 160m
vertical and dipole for 80m
vertical and dipole for 40m
3 ele Yagi for 20m
3 ele Yagi for 15m
3 ele Yagi for 10m

The communication between the two QTHs was established by UHF and VHF voice links.
In addition there was one packet radio link between the two QTHs.

Since we were enough OPs in the team there was always somebody who made some photos
from the operating during the contest weekend. Many of the photos are taken by Win DK9IP.

Operator meeting:
Martin DL4NAC is instructing the operators:
"We are going to operate in a contest.
The name of the contest is ..."

LX8A Operator meeting

LX8A Operator meeting

Operator meeting and discussions ...

... and discussions.

This was really great team.

LX8A Operator meeting

LX8A contest operation

View into the multi/multi shack.
The "U" form has advantages because each
station can view to the other stations.

The computer in the front was the only
logging PC we had at LX8A.
The band stations made their logging on paper.
Than the logs were typed into the computer by hand.

Bernd DF3CB and Wolfgang DL5MAE
operating the 80m station.

LX8A 80m station

searching multipliers

Mike DL1HCM and Dieter DF4RD
at the second QTH searching multipliers.

left: 20m station Win DK9IP and Mike DL1HCM
center: 40m station
right: 80m station Bernd DF3CB and Wolfgang.

LX8A 20m, 40m and 80m station

LX8A 20m station

View to the 20m station
with Win DK9IP and Mike DL1HCM

The station in the background is the 15m station.

Mike DL1HCM and Ben DL6FBL
at the 20 m station

LX8A 20m station

LX8A 15m station

Alex DK8FD and Bernd DL1VJ (now VK2IA)
at the 15 m station
The last zone was just worked.


After the Contest

The contest is over.

The contest is over

LX8A equipment tower

The LX8A equipment tower

The LX8A equipment tower
with the operators.

LX8A equipment tower with OPs



Finally 11515 QSOs with 203 zones and 691 countries are made.
The final score is 18,681,918 points.


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