CQWW DX Contest CW 2004 M/M

Operators: Mike DL1HCM, Werner DL4NER, Joe DK7VW

Many thanks to our hosts Jan, OZ1ADL and Andrew OZ1XJ.
Without their great assistance this activity would not became true.

The OZ5E log is here.

QSL Information for this activity
The QSL information for this activity is via DL1HCM.
The QSL route via the buro is preferred.
Each contact for new band/mode is already confirmed.

Please note:
I am not the QSL manager for all other QSOs with OZ5E.
I only handle the QSOs of this activity.
Please contact Jan OZ1ADL.

OZ5E QSL of CQWW DX CW Contest 2004

OZ5E QSL card for CQWW DX CW 2004

This is the outgoing QSL stack.

The picture shows the main tower with the Optibeam for 10, 15 and 20m on top, 
the 3 element for 40m and the 5 element for 15m.

Jan OZ1ADL made this photo of the illuminated tower during the night. 
He installed a strong lamp below the tower that beams up to the antennas.
In the night it was a fantastic view.

Andrew and Jan mad a nice video and published it on youtube.com.
It is called "The Contest". You can view it here.


QTH view of OZ5E

View to the station before the contest weekend.

The left tower is the main tower with the Optibeam for 10, 15 and 20m on top.
Below is the 3 ele for 40m.

The 5 ele for 15m (direction USA) is still not installed.

The small tower on the right holds the 5 ele 
for 10, 15 and 20m

OZ1XJ and DL4NER cable discussion

What cable is for the 80m antenna?
What cable is for the 15m antenna?

Werner DL4NER and Andrew OZ1XJ
are discussing this.

80m full size antenna

View to North America.

The antenna in front is the 80m full size vertical (22m high) we installed on Friday morning before the contest.
The lower part consist of aluminium tube. 
The upper part is a 10m long fishing rod.

It was a critical job to erect this vertical with 5 hams only but finally we were happy. We fixed the whole thing with 4 guy wires in two levels.
We used this antenna as the transmit antenna for 80. And it worked fantastic.

The receiving antenna system consisted of  two 180m long Beverages in the direction NA and JA.

Highlights we worked in the pile ups:
just to name a few.

the OZ5E operators

The operators during the contest:

Henning OZ1HX on 20m
He joined the group on Sunday.
Thank you Henning.

Mike DL1HCM on 80m
Werner DL4NER on 160m
Joe DK7VW on 40m

main tower

Bottom up view along the main tower

5 ele Yagi for 15m
3 ele Yagi for 40m
Optibeam for 10, 15 20m

This is Mike DL1HCM operating on 40m.

It was on day 2 and we were happy to work more stations on 40.

40m was strange and finally the band was behind our expectations. 

80m was much better ... 

Werner DL4NER on 80m and 
Mike DL1HCM on 20m

Smile to Jan who made the fotos

Werner DL4NER after the contest ...

dreaming of ... I do not know, only he knows.

Good night Werner.

OZ5E station setup:
This M/M station setup consist of 4 stations which allowed us quick band changes.
Station 1 on 40m with the 3 ele Yagi
Station 2 on 160m (TX INV-L, RX Beverages) and 10m (5 ele on tower 2)
Station 3 on 80m (TX Vertical, RX Beverages) and 15m (5 ele fix to US, Optibeam)
Station 4 on 20m with 5 ele on tower 2, Optibeam)

Logging SW: WL 10.50

Score: 4.511.529

This was really one of my most strange CQWW. 
The conditions dropped up and down on 40, 20, 15 and 10 and we have not worked that number of stations we expected.
I remember a some minute long calls to stations in Africa but with no success.
Specially 40m was strange. This band was fully behind our expectations.
80m and 160m were our strongest bands.

Although this strange conditions we were a great team and we had a great time.

Thank you to all stations who called us.

The OZ5E log is here.


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