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DXCC Entities

Actually the "full house" DXCC counts 337 entities.
Swains Isl. and Montenegro are the latest entries.
Here are 2 tables.
The first table shows the DXCC entities only.

The second table shows the list with QSL samples I found in my boxes.


Blanc DXCC
This is a funny thing. You can not apply for it.
The idea was born in 1988 or so during a ham meeting.
The Blanc DXCC covers the collection of blanc QSLs. 
These QSLs do not certify QSO data. They are blanc.
I received most of the QSLs during eye ball QSOs and several ham meetings.
I am not a real blanc DXCC hunter but whenever I receive a new card I put it to the collection.
I do not really know how many of these cards I have.
But I have put some of the cards I found into the table.


QSLs You also have some nice, funny and curious QSLs?
Here is a small selection out from my boxes.


Amplifier Survey In 1998 I made a survey about amplifiers which are suitable for traveling and transport
in aircrafts. Read here what the amp people said.


Counter 101

Counter 101

The Counter 101  is a small PCB which gives the Yaesu FT 101Z the comfort
of a digital frequency display.
It is mainly made for the FT101 but can also be used for other radios.
I developed this circuit in 1989 because it was out of the market that time.
The complete description was published in the CQDL 1-1992 (in German language).
I still have some PCBs and components. Contact me if you have any inquires.



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