CQWW DX Contest CW 2005 SOAB

Operator: Mike DL1HCM

Many thanks to my host Bob, NM2D
Outside the contest the main emphasis was on the low and WARC bands in CW and PSK31.

V31TM License


V31TM license 

V31TM QSL Card

Beside the radio I made some further photos. Impressions around V31TM can be found here.
A daily diary of the activity is here.

Online Log
The V31TM log is here.

QSL Information and QSL Policy
The QSL information is via DL1HCM.

The QSL job is done. All cards are out.

Generally the exchange of the QSL cards via the buro is preferred.
Each contact (new band/mode) will receive a QSL automatically.

For those who would like to send the QSL directly please check V31TM at qrz.com for the adress. 
Direct QSLers are kindly requested to attach a SAE and sufficient postage.
Sufficient postage for return letters is

EU: 0,55 EUR or 1 USD or 1 IRC
DX: 1,70 EUR or 2 USD or 1 IRC

Please use only the new type IRC. Old (small) type IRCs are not accepted.
Direct QSL requests with the old type IRC or not sufficient postage are answered via the buro.

The rough CW problem was due to low power voltage. I solved it at approx. 0600 UTC and after changing the station setup to my small IC735. So I really started into the contest 6 hours late.

K9AY Loop Receiving Antenna

The K9AY loop 
receiving antenna
at V31TM.

Only poor activity on 10m. The band practically did not opened. All signals were very weak.
I made only 53 Qs on 10 with 13 zones and 22 countries.
No contact to EU and unfortunately no contact to zone 6 although it is so close to V3.
Highlight on 10 was 6W1RW, ZD8A and ZS1EL
HC2SL is the only station I worked only on 10m.

Zone 17 - 30 run on 20 and 40m only except zone 20 which I miss only on 10.
No contact to zone 2, 23, 24, 26 and 34.

The 160m vertical.

160m Vertical

The NA QSO rate is naturally high and the US pile up covered the EU callers.
But I missed 
- 8P, CM, FM, FP and HI on 160
- FM, HP, TI and ZF on 80m

- VP9 on 40m.
- Nothing heard from VP2M and VP2V.

Highband Quad

The Quad for the high bands 
facing towards NA. 

Africa was difficult as always from this region since first the EU pile up must be broken.
But I worked 3DA0NW, 3V5A, 5Z1A, 6W1RW, 9G5GJ, CN2R, CN2WW, CT3EN, D44TB, several from EA8, EA9EW, S9SS, TZ5A, VQ9JC, ZD8A und ZS1EL. 
And I was happy to work ZS1EL on 10m this weekend although this was a hard job.

South America was similar to North America. All countries are worked but CE, CX, FY, PZ, VP8 only on the high bands, ZP0R only on 20m. Unfortunately I met Alex HK0FD only on 40m.

The 40/80 m HF2V vertical 
in the lagoon.

40/80m vertical

EU was weak on all bands specially on the low bands. The S-Meter was continuously on the left side. 
Also stations which we normally know as the stronger stations (HG6N, DL0CS, DF0CG, LZ9W) came in at low levels.
The US pile ups covered the EUs. The surprise was that DF3CB and DK3GI came in loud.

The K9AY worked well although EU, NA and JA are close within a almost 60 degree opening.
I selected the four directions EU, JA, VK and PY as a good compromise.

Station Description
IC735 with my travel PA
2 ele Quad 20-10m
HF2V (40/80m)
Vertical for 160m
K9AY Loop low band receiving antenna
Logging with WL 10.55D

Call: V31TM Country: Belize
Mode: CW Category: SOAB/HP
160 276 14 30
80 342 18 60
40 1042 28 94
20 1028 32 107
15 927 21 91
10 53 13 22
Totals 3668 126 404 5.091.180

Outside the contest I made QSOs in CW and PSK, no SSB QSOs.

Mode Totals 160 80 40 30 20 17 15 12 10
CW 1651 174 273 328 318 119 232 207 0 0
PSK 140 0 0 24 0 88 0 28 0 0
Total 1791 174 273 358 318 207 232 207 0 0

The QSO numbers given above do not include the dupes.
It was a great time and I  had great fun. Thank you to all stations who called V31TM.

The V31TM log is here.


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